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8 Points Commission Plan for Enagic Kangen Water Business

Enagic kangen water machine is one of the best water ionizers available. Nowadays, it is becoming hard for many people to stay healthy and fit. Drinking water has its benefits of making us healthier and balanced in physical wellness. Drinking ionized water on the other hand, has strengthened health benefits to many people. Due to a great demand of water purification machine like Kangen water system, this can be a great business potential for those who wanted to earn additional income. While this is a great opportunity to spread wellness and healthiness to as much as people as possible, you can also make the best of use of this opportunity to rake some handsome amount of cash to your wallet. Are you interested in knowing more? Read more to find out about how you can earn a lot of money while spreading wellness to others!

Profitable Business Opportunity of Kangen Water System

Enagic Company creates a unique and profitable Enagic Kangen Water system compensation plan for whoever participate in the sales of Kangen Water system. It is called 8 points commission business model system, which, in a nutshell, basically will earn you more money the more people you persuade to buy Kangen water system and become distributor of one. This kind of profitable eight points commission has been patented by the company, making it stands out from the rest of its peer-competitors when it comes to multi-level marketing or direct sale plan on the market and potential customers. There are six ranks available in Enagic Kangen Water system compensation plan. Whenever a machine is sold, eight points would be generated as the result. To explain how this plan works, first we need to know about the six ranks available in the system. There are 1 A, 2 A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A levels provided. The higher your rank, the more income you will earn along the way. There two ways to increase your level in the Enagic Kangen Water system compensation plan. The first one is to sell the accurate number of both group sales and direct ones. The second step is to always have a new personal or direct sale in order to make you qualified for the next higher rank. The first level, 1A requires you to have at least two direct sales if you want to move on to the second grade. When you reached 2A, your direct sale would be at its 3rdalready. In order to move up to the 3A level you will need to sell 10 products of Enagic Kangen Water machine that comes from both direct sale and group sales. When you managed to sell up until 20 products from another direct selling and group selling, you will be moved to the level of 4A. 50 products need to be sold if you want to move up again to the rank of 5A, and  a total 100 products from both another direct sale and group sales are required if you wanted to reach the highest level; 6A.

How Enagic Pays Their Distributors

Every distributor of Enagic Kangen Water products would be rewarded based on their selling performance. For instances, if someone started from 1A and managed to create a total of 20 products from one direct sale and group sales, the person will climb directly to the level of 4A without having to pass the other two levels. If you have managed to reach the highest level, you will be rewarded with various profits and bigger additional earnings. The first you will get is the educational earning, award of 6A step up, the special incentive given to people in 6A, award for 6A group sale, as well as getting about quarter of incentive meant for group sales

Bottom Line of This Business Opportunity

We hope this can give you a good glimpse at how much profitable this business line can be, as well as how Enagic Kangen Water  compensation plan is different from the rest of any multi-level marketing structure as well as how it is very much profitable and beneficial for many. With Enagic Kangen Water system, you will be rewarded by how much you do well with your performance as well as how it can bring so many benefits to many people in terms of health and finance. If you wish to join this business, you can do so by buying one unit of Kangen Water System and be a member of its profitable business. This is a very unique opportunity of business which not only provide means of promoting ethical products that can benefit the lives of many people, but it also provides means of getting income while spreading education about healthy Kangen water and supporting other distributors of the products to better in selling the machine. This business opportunity offers people to grow together and be successful together. Interested? Contact any of Kangen Water distributor today and see the benefits and potential profits by yourself!